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Amanda Morneault is the founder of The Harbor Agency in Portsmouth, NH.  Established in 2013.

While Amanda works as an agent for artists, a talent buyer for venues, she is most known for her recent successes in Event Production.

Amanda's love for music began as a young child sitting on her father’s lap in the driver’s seat of a tour bus. Morneault grew up in a household full of musicians that included professional drummers and a mother who was a singer.

In 2011 Amanda joined her family’s business, New England Mobile Audio, where she took on the role as director of sales and booking. This gave her an opportunity to build strong relationships with other industry professionals. She continues to work side by side NEMA.


Amanda has surrounded The Harbor Agency with a strong team of go-to pros from audio to ticketing and promotional companies which enables her to provide a full-service agency to artists and venues.

Amanda prides herself on her likability with her peers and her love for each artists’ accomplishments. "If I can help an artist to succeed in any way, then it is worth all of my time and effort. Working with these dedicated individuals is a gift and the reason I love my job."

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Kate Sobczak is Amanda’s behind-the-scenes assistant. She has been with The Harbor Agency since 2015, taking on a more day-to-day role in 2018. She manages the social media accounts, sends invoices, and creates digital design graphics for events. Kate enjoys the structure and creativity of her work, as well as her interaction with the artists.

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Matt Ezyk joined the Harbor Agency in 2022 but has worked with the team for many years. As the Director of the South East division, he brings decades of experience with the music and events business. Matt's experience comes from both ends of the spectrum; on stage as a session bassist working with artists on and off stage with all the nuances of full end to end live performances.

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